19th June 2020   Edition One.
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President's Message,
Update on 181-183 Beecroft Rd,
Update on State Government Matters
Local newspapers now on line,
Newsletter from Julian Leeser MP.,
Letter from Hornsby Councillor Emma Heyde
Recent Development Applications.
Latest Police Reports.
Message from the President

I hope everyone is managing ok now that winter has arrived. With Covid 19 still potentially with us, these colder months expose the community to greater risks to sickness. I think we are all looking forward to getting back to a greater level of normality and socialising. I think it is the first time in the Trust’s history that there was not an Autumn Walk. Hopefully we will be able to organise a Spring Walk.  The Trust committee has been meeting by Zoom and will continue to do so until restrictions are sufficiently eased.  As with the many community groups to which I belong, the Civic Trust committee members are vulnerable to Covid-19 because of age, so it is likely that we will not be meeting in person when other groups with younger members are meeting face to face.
So please be patient and adhere to the current guidelines.

Ross Walker OAM

Update from the President on 181-183 Beecroft Road Cheltenham.

In our last eNews the Trust commented on DA259/2020 for the proposed child care centre at 181-183 Beecroft Rd Cheltenham. Last Friday, after Hornsby Council’s General Meeting, the Trust submitted a request to the Heritage Office for an Interim Heritage Order (IHO) over the whole of the subject property. CLICK HERE to view the IHO request. An IHO is a temporary protection order to provide the State Government up to 12 months to consider a permanent State Heritage Listing.  

Taken from the driveway entrance, November 1944 photograph by Sam Hood

The Trust has been supported by the Beecroft Cheltenham History Group and Byles Creek Valley Union. The Trust also drew upon the services of others in the community as well. This has been a combined community effort. 

While the property is within a heritage area and part of the garden has an individual listing, the community was still concerned that the existing heritage protection over the whole property was insufficient to fully protect the property from any development that may threaten the heritage qualities of the whole property. Hence the urgent need for an IHO.

In discussions with Hornsby Council we discovered that as there is an existing heritage protection on the property, Council was unable to request an IHO. So the community has stepped up and requested the IHO instead.

The formal support of Council for the IHO was considered to be a necessary prerequisite for an IHO to succeed.  In order to obtain Council’s official support a mayoral meeting was arranged to request the Mayor to move a motion in support of the Trust’s IHO. Last Wednesday night our Councillors approved the Mayoral Motion unanimously. CLICK HERE for business papers and confirmed minutes.  CLICK HERE for the letter from Mayor Philip Ruddock
The Trust will keep you informed of progress.      

Update on State Government related matters

The final design plans for the lifts at Beecroft station are still to be released.  Advice from our local State Member Dominic Perrottet is that a ramp will be retained as part of the lift design in the final design.  The Trust has requested an urgent onsite meeting with Dominic Perrottet to discuss the design.  The M2 noise study has been postponed till after the Covid 19 restrictions are lifted.  While traffic has returned to pre Covid 19 volumes there has been a delay in consultants contacting residents who contacted the Trust to have measurements carried out.

The formal handover of the former haulage road to Hornsby Council from the Metro contractor should occur soon. State Government funds will be provided to Council to weed the area for 5 years until the bushland can regenerate.

The Honourable Philip Ruddock AO Mayor of Hornsby Shire Council.

The Trust, on behalf of the residents of Beecroft and Cheltenham, would like to congratulate Philip on his being awarded an Order of Australia (AO) at the recent Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Local newspapers now online

As reported in the press, all local newspapers are now only available online.
However, to view the paper, you must subscribe through the Daily Telegraph. 
All the links below eventually lead you to the same web site.

CLICK HERE for Hornsby Advocate.

CLICK HERE for Northern District Times.

CLICK HERE for Parramatta Advertiser.

Julian Leeser MP.  Newsletter dated June 9th 2020
The Trust's policy is that we will publish submitted newsletters from any of our elected representatives
Councillor Emma Heyde's Report dated July 11th 2020
The Trust's policy is that we will publish submitted newsletters from any of our elected representatives
Recent Development Applications
The Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust's Web Site now has links to recently submitted Development Applications in the 2119 postcode area.  This page will be updated with every eNews publication.
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Latest Police Reports

CLICK HERE  for the latest reports.  Just a reminder that these reports are regularly provided by the Ryde Police Area Command which includes the entire suburbs of Beecroft & Cheltenham.
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Ross Walker OAM

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