17th June 2023.  Edition One.
In this edition:
President's Report,

BCCT eNews,
Update on Possible State Government Funds for Byles Creek,
Congregational Church funds,
Beecroft Orchestra,
The Tree in the Carpark Behind the Fire Station
Iconic Ironbark Tree in Beecroft Shopping Centre Lost to Old Age,
Resident Action Saves Tree Trunk as Fauna Habitat,
Hornsby Shire Council is Hosting a Free Coffee & Chat,
Your Civic Trust,
Local JP,
Epping Civic Trust,
Hornsby Council News Bulletin,

City of Parramatta News Bulletin,
Recent Development Applications,
Latest Police Reports.
Message from the President
This is a packed eNews of things happening in our local area. There are some very important matters being discussed and so I hope that you can spend some time considering them.
If you would like to play a bigger part in the Civic Trust as it considers these and other issues, then please contact me on to talk about nominating for some of the vacant positions on the Civic Trust Committee.
Over the King's Birthday long weekend I was very pleased to see that Stuart Braga and John Dodd were awarded Australia Day honours. While Stuart is no longer a resident of 2119 his connections to this area remain strong and, dare I say it, this is largely due to his “history” with the local area.  Congratulations to both on honours well deserved. Did I miss any other local person because, if I did, then please let me know.
As a member of the Beecroft & District Garden Club, I went on its recent ramble of local gardens. Such a lovely activity to be able to do on a crisp Autumn day. It was a delight to see the colours coming especially from both leaves and camellias in bloom.  
Coming up will be the 110th celebration of the founding of Cheltenham Recreation Club. Details of their activities appear on their web site
and a history of the Club is on the History Group web site at   Also in the next couple of weeks, there will be presentations on the proposed development at the Club by building facilities for Royal Tennis. I understand that, once complete, It will probably be the only in this state. There have been other trials, at Macquarie University for one, but they have failed
Louise and I are also planning to go to the next performance of the Beecroft Orchestra (details elsewhere in this eNews) which has returned to being held within 2119. As always that should be a great afternoon.
Many of the items in today’s eNews concern Hornsby Council and so, incidentally, while not specific to 2119, I wonder how many others saw that Hornsby Council recently lost its efforts before the High Court to establish a precedent that the GST did not apply to local government? Who said that Hornsby didn’t have the funds to run precedent cases?
From Louise’s perspective, one good thing about me being busy is that I have spent less time buying more books at the Rotary pop-up bookshop which is now near Three Beans Café. Definitely something on my “to do list” for June!
Please say hello when you see me wandering the avenues of 2119

Roderick Best PSM
Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust eNews.
The Trust publishes this monthly eNews newsletter.  If you would like to receive this newsletter on a regular basis, please CLICK HERE to subscribe to the eNews.
Update on Possible State Government Funds for Byles Creek.
Residents may recall our former State Member for Epping Dominic Perrottet stating on two occasions at public meetings held by the Civic Trust that State funds might be available for the acquisition of additional residential land in Byles Creek Valley to add to the existing open space.  This was connected to Council’s possible plans for a path through the Valley. The Byles Creek Valley Union (along with the Civic Trust) has been pursuing our Member for Epping over the past four years to make sure that this possible source of funding was followed up. Last month the Union became aware of a letter sometime ago from Mr Perrottet, addressed to the then Planning Minister Paul Scully, suggesting that $2.5 million had been transferred to Hornsby Shire Council from the State government when Mr Perrottet was NSW Treasurer, and before his period as Premier.
Recent discussions with Council indicated that $2.5 million was received by Council around that time from the State government but these funds were specifically stipulated for other projects within Hornsby Shire Council and not for land acquisition in Byles Creek Valley.
Further clarification is therefore still underway. 
Beecroft Bush Dance
The funds from Council’s sale of 179 Beecroft Road – the old Congregational Church.
The Civic Trust is often asked about what happened to the funds received by Hornsby Shire Council from the sale in 2014 of 179 Beecroft Road.
Following the completion of the sale the then Council decided in 2015 that the funds should be used for community and cultural facilities by the Beecroft and Cheltenham communities. In 2015 surveys of residents in 2119 were carried out as to how residents wanted funds spent and Byles Creek was stated to be the best use of the funds. In 2018 Council agreed to spend these funds on Byles Creek studies with funds not required for that purpose to be spent on Cheltenham Oval. These decisions only related to the net proceeds of the sale and not any interest that might otherwise be gained from those funds – which went into Council general funds. While these decisions were not binding on subsequently elected Council all subsequent expenditure of these monies can be linked to that purpose of supporting 2119. Council has advised the Civic Trust that the funds received and spent (each supported by a decision of Council) so far are:
Sale proceeds $ 2,781,132
Beecroft Railway Gardens $    270,000
Byles Creek Planning Study $    138,272
Byles Creek Walking Track Study $      40,693
Byles Creek acquisition of land in Malton Road for public recreation $ 1,099,342
Beecroft Village Green Master Plan $      30,000
This leaves a remaining amount (as of 14 June 2023) of $1,202,825.
We do not know if there is now a continuous strip of land along Byles Creek that is for public recreation. We do not know if there are effective legally enforceable prohibitions on building near Byles Creek. We do know that we do not have a walking track along the creek.
Beecroft Village Green
Hornsby Shire Council has had a Master Plan prepared for the Village Green. Initial comments on this plan were sought in November to December 2022 and the proposed plan was put out for comment in March to April 2023.
A Master Plan is, of course, just a plan – as we have seen with the plan for the Beecroft retail area that was approved some time ago. Without funding being allocated the plan will not result in any physical changes.
There is a proposal by Council staff, as part of the Budget process for Council, that the remaining funding from the sale of 179 Beecroft Road be applied to implement the Master Plan.
Survey on remaining funds from the sale of 179 Beecroft Road – the old Congregation Church
 In most monthly e-news from the Civic Trust we seek your views on what directions the Civic Trust should take. Hornsby Shire Council is about to consider what to do with the remaining funds held by it from the sale of 179 Beecroft Road. The amount is just over $1m. The proposal to be considered by Council is for most (if not all, in the long run) of these funds to be spent on the Village Green. This is a marked shift from earlier decisions of Council to effectively give Byles Creek the paramount claim on these funds.
If Council does not use these funds for the Village Green then we do not know where Council might find funds to put the plans for the Village Green upgrade into reality. We are not aware of available funds in the capital works budget or from the recently approved rate increase – noting that few of either of these sources relate to projects in 2119.
Our survey question therefore is;
Do you support that the remaining funds from the sale of 179 Beecroft Road be spent on Byles Creek: Yes/No

CLICK HERE to vote YES                CLICK HERE to vote NO
Hornsby Shire Council Special Rate increase
Sometime ago you may recollect that the Civic Trust joined with neighbouring groups to hold a public meeting on Hornsby Shire Councils proposals to the Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal for increasing the rates that land owners pay in 2119 - and other parts of the Shire. On 13 June the Tribunal handed down its decision for a number of Councils and for Hornsby approved the following increases:
2023-24 8.5%
2024-25 9.5%
2025-26 6.5%
2026-27 5.5%
This means that over this total period an increase of 31.05% has been approved.
On Council’s web site you will be able to find Council’s plans to plant 3 new ironbarks along the fence with the fire station – near where the proposed electric car supply station is to be built. A Manchurian Pear is also planned for the carpark near Wongala and adjacent to Umun. 

We are very pleased that Cheltenham Girls High School has made their new Concert Hall Facilities available to our local Beecroft Orchestra for their quarterly concerts. 
The Beecroft Orchestra is an amateur orchestra with around 40 members which for many years has been providing opportunities for local  musicians of all ages to present well-priced quarterly concerts for our local community.  
Visit Beecroft Orchestra Website for more information  (  
Tickets for their next concert are available on the website or at the door.
Concert 2 - 2023
Sunday 2nd July,2023. 2.30pm
Cheltenham Girls High School new Performance Hall
The Promenade, Cheltenham 2119

Conductor-Joanna Drimatis
Soloist- Alicia Crossley on Recorder
“Recorders and More”

Telemann- Selections from Suite in A minor for Recorder, Strings and Basso Continuo
Beethoven-Symphony No 7
Brahms-Hungarian Dance No 1-Guest Conductor Ben Perche
Telemann- Selections from Suite in A minor for Recorder, Strings and Basso Continuo

Lyle Chan: Bilitis/Movement 2
Christopher Gordon-Selections from “Ladies in Black Suite”
The Tree in the Carpark Behind the Fire Station
The Civic Trust has previously passed on information about the removal of an ironbark in the carpark behind the fire station and near to where Toys and Tales used to be. This carpark is (unlike most in Beecroft) controlled by Council. Details of the arborist's report about why the tree was considered to be dangerous were previously published.

Iconic Ironbark Tree in Beecroft Shopping Centre Lost to Old Age.

The very large and visually dominant Narrow-leaved Ironbark, Eucalyptus crebra, in the Hornsby Council carpark next to the fire station was removed for public safety on Tuesday morning 23 May 2023. The tree, appeared to be healthy but was identified through testing to be susceptible to falling.
In late 2022, a large branch had fallen and damaged a car in the carpark. As a result, the tree was inspected by a Council arborist and concerns were raised regarding the presence of decay fungus. A detailed diagnostic test was undertaken. CLICK HERE to
see Arborist Report  which confirmed there was extensive decay throughout the tree.

The sudden loss of such a mature and iconic endemic tree within the Beecroft shopping precinct is deeply regretted by the local community as well as Council.  

CLICK HERE to see the Landscape Plan that has already been developed and replanting should occur within the coming months.
Resident Action Saves Tree Trunk as Fauna Habitat
Local resident Michael Bianchino sprang into action recently after seeing council workers attempting to completely remove a large Angophora in Boronia Avenue, Cheltenham.
Michael with the help of Hornsby Council's David Sheils prevented the total removal.
Calls were made to the tree removers and orders issued to retain the trunk as a fauna habitat.  Well done Michael Bianchino and David Sheils.

                                                              photo courtesy Michael Bianchino

Hornsby Shire Council is Hosting a Free Coffee & Chat
As part of Hello Hornsby, Council is hosting a free Coffee & Chat event in the Beecroft Station Park.
Both events are for Seniors (60+) and includes a free cuppa and snack for morning tea, as well as the chance to meet neighbours and connect with the community in Beecroft
Friday 30 June, 10.30am-12pm
Location: Beecroft Railway Park (meet at covered picnic shelter)
Event cost: Free
Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust.
The Trust has for many years fought and lobbied to protect our suburbs.
If you value your Trust and appreciate the work the Trust does to preserve the amenity and heritage of our two suburbs, please consider renewing your financial membership.
This can be done on-line at  Without your valued support, the Trust will cease to exist.
Local Justice of the Peace
Timothy Abrams, a Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust committee member, has generously offered his services as a Justice of the Peace for any residents requiring this service.
Tim can be contacted on Mob 0417 662 405

Dr. Penelope Crossley has also generously offered her services.  Penelope is a practising solicitor and is happy to witness documents pro bono for 2119 residents if Tim is unavailable. Penelope can be contacted on 0449 232 474.

STEP Walk Talk June Forum
CLICK HERE for more information.

STEP June Forum on synthetic vs natural turf
CLICK HERE for more information.

Hornsby Shire Council's June News Bulletin
Can be viewed CLICK HERE

City of Parramatta's June News Bulletin
Can be viewed CLICK HERE
Recent Development Applications
The Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust's Web Site now has links to recently submitted Development Applications in the 2119 postcode area for both Hornsby and Parramatta Shire Councils.  This page will be updated with every eNews publication.
CLICK HERE To access them.

Other objections and correspondence with council can be viewed CLICK HERE
Latest Police Reports

CLICK HERE for the latest reports.  Just a reminder that these reports are regularly provided by the Ryde Police Area Command which includes the entire suburbs of Beecroft & Cheltenham. 
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Kind regards,
Rod Best

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