24th October 2020.  Edition One.
In this edition:
President's Message,

Proposed Child Care Centre at 181-183 Beecroft Rd,
NorthConnex opening Saturday 31 October,
 Have your say on Greater Western Sydney’s new metro railway,
 The latest on Twilight House,
 More Draft Strategies from Hornsby Council,
Update on the Beecroft War Memorial
Newsletter from Jullian Leeser MP,
Recent Development Applications,
Latest Police Reports.
Message from the President
I normally try to provide good news in the Trust’s eNews, so I will report that the NorthConnex is finally opening and preliminary works have commenced on Beecroft Station pedestrian lifts.
However, there are two other State Government related matters, both affecting our amenity and health, that have been dragging on for too long with no clear conclusion in sight.  
Since the widening of the M2 the Trust has received numerous complaints from residents about an increase in ambient traffic noise. Residents living in streets on both sides of the M2, including  Boronia, Castle Howard, Austral and Murray Farm, have contacted the Trust with an expectation that the State Government will investigate residents’ concerns. Initial enquiries through our local State Member Dominic Perrottet MP indicate some resistance from RMS to act on the Trust’s request for further noise monitoring.   While the Trust is still pursuing the matter, it would help if you could also email directly to our Member for Epping Dominic Perrottet MP at  Dominic Perrottet (  or write to suite 303, level 3, 51 Rawson St Epping 2121, and request the need for further noise studies either by RMS or an independent consultant.
The second issue is related to the former temporary haulage road behind the Cheltenham Oval netball courts through to Kirkham Street. The haulage road was built through bushland as a temporary access for the removal of tunnel material as part of the Metro project. The actual Metro approval was for the final reinstatement of the bushland. There was an agreement between the Metro Project and Hornsby Council that the bushland, when reinstated would be handed back to Hornsby Council for their care, control and management. Council provided the native tube stock propagated by volunteers from its own nursery.

The bushland reinstatement process started to fail when Metro employed a landscaping contractor for 12 months instead of professional bush regenerators. The contractor did not manage the site well, resulting in the loss of the majority of the tube stock with weeds aplenty.  Council has offered to correct the mismanagement and complete the project using bush regenerators but conditional upon Metro providing the required funding. Apparently without consulting Council, Metro instead closed down the project and left the site after the 12 month period. Council, frustrated by the lack of cooperation by Metro, had no alternative but refuse to accept a handover unless the funding was forthcoming. I understand Dominic Perrottet is in the process of requesting the necessary funds from Transport NSW to allow Council to complete the project.
I will continue liaising with Dominic Perrottet MP  but again, if you are concerned about the recovery of our local bushland please email Mr Perrottet.  In the meantime it is not right that Council’s volunteer bush regenerators, most being your fellow residents, feel compelled to start weeding in the  former haulage road site that has been abandoned by the Metro project.

Ross Walker OAM

Proposed Child Care Centre at 181-183 Beecroft Rd Cheltenham
Development Application 259/2020 has been very contentious and has generated a significant amount of objections.  The DA process has been complicated by the tenants using the original 1920 bungalow as a drug laboratory and then the property was raided by the Police.  The DA will be determined by the Local Planning Panel this coming Wednesday night.  The recommendation by Hornsby Council’s officers is refusal.  Details of Council’s report is listed as item 3 on the Panel’s agenda and can be viewed by Clicking here
The Panel meeting will be live streamed.  Click here for details of how to watch the meeting.  
NorthConnex opening Saturday 31 October
Some of you would have received an email from NorthConnex.  Click here for the email.
Have your say on Greater Western Sydney’s new metro railway project
This email was sent out last week.  Click here for details.
The latest on Twilight House
Twilight House, or recently known as Jamieson House, is located on a large parcel of land at the corner of York and Hannah Streets Beecroft.  Owned by Twilight Aged Care Group, the York St property had been a nursing home until recently when it was closed down.  It is currently being used as temporary accommodation for displaced women over 55.  Representatives of Twilight House met with the Trust last week to discuss the future of the property.  While there is no formal documentation lodged with Hornsby Council, Twilight House have indicated that they are proposing a new low density, high quality, aged care facility similar to their other facilities located in Mosman, Gordon and Hunters Hill.  They propose to restore the heritage listed house, Sheen, and front gardens.  It’s very early days, so expect an approval time-frame of about two years.
More Draft Strategies from Hornsby Council
Please note the following strategies are currently on exhibition and available for comment;
  • Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy
  • Draft Economic Development and Tourism Strategy
  • Draft Employment Lands Study
  • Draft Play Plan.
Residents are encouraged to comment on these strategies by visiting the Future Hornsby website.  Click here
Update on the Beecroft War Memorial
The sand stone repair work on the War Memorial in Beecroft Gardens is programmed to commence on Thursday 12th November 2020.  The stone mason has been working off site and will fence off the area around the memorial the day after Remembrance Day.  The Trust has completed the paperwork for our successful NSW Government’s Community Building Partnerships Grant so the $10.000 we receive will be used by Hornsby Council for the stone repair.
Julian Leeser MP.  Newsletter dated October 2020
The Trust's policy is that we will publish submitted newsletters from any of our elected representatives
Recent Development Applications
The Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust's Web Site now has links to recently submitted Development Applications in the 2119 postcode area.  This page will be updated with every eNews publication.
CLICK HERE To access them.
Latest Police Reports

CLICK HERE  for the latest reports.  Just a reminder that these reports are regularly provided by the Ryde Police Area Command which includes the entire suburbs of Beecroft & Cheltenham.
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Kind regards,
Ross Walker OAM

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