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20^th September 2018  Edition One.
In this edition:
Presidents Report,
Heritage listed cottage in Beecroft demolished
Revised DA for seniors housing at 14-18 Sutherland Road
Update from Emma Heyde,
Changes at Beecroft for the new bus movements
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President's Report

Our Member for Epping Damien Tudehope gave us an update on the lift at Beecroft Station. We expect the proposed design to be placed on public exhibition next month for comment.  He informed us that funds are in the budget to build it but construction is likely to be delayed until after the Metro is completed.  This is to minimise disruption to the train network.

Those who enjoy our bushland will be interested to know that a couple of Trust members, together with a representative from Hornsby Council, met with Transurban (M2) personnel to discuss how all stakeholders can better co-ordinate bush regeneration work along the M2 corridor. Transurban is in correspondence with all councils along the M2 corridor to prepare an efficient long term strategy for managing weeds.

I hope you appreciate the news items that follow.

Ross Walker
president@bcct2119.com.au (mailto:president@bcct2119.com.au)

Heritage listed cottage in Beecroft demolished.
Last week the Trust was informed that the oldest dwelling in the Hornsby Shire was demolished by a developer back in June. The dwelling, circa 1838, was tucked in behind houses at the north east corner of Pennant Hills and Copeland Roads. The dwelling was a small two room cottage, described as a shepherd’s cottage.

The cottage stood within a larger site that is being developed for a seniors housing complex. The cottage had local heritage significance and was conditioned as part of the development to be carefully repaired and retained as a heritage feature within the seniors housing complex.

The developer had since lodged a fresh Development Application to rebuild the cottage, arguing that the building was so structurally unsound it could not be saved intact. Not surprisingly,  this is now disputed.  The cottage had been used as an outbuilding for many years, attached to a more modern house at 578 Pennant Hills Road. So the Trust questions whether the cottage was in such a state of disrepair that it could not be kept intact.

Council has commenced the process of prosecuting the developer. The Trust considers the unlawful demolition of the heritage listed cottage as totally unacceptable and believes an example should be made to deter other developers from similar actions. The first DA1485/2015 for seniors housing can be viewed at

The second DA623/2018 for the rebuilding of the cottage can be viewed at http://hscenquiry.hornsby.nsw.gov.au/Pages/XC.Track/SearchApplication.aspx?id=840312

Statement of heritage impact can be viewed at http://hscenquiry.hornsby.nsw.gov.au/temp/002_00D_0F941GS01JR_ESPIDJIL.PDF

The Trust will soon course be submitting an objection.

Revised DA1115/2017 for seniors housing at 14-18 Sutherland Road Cheltenham
Residents have asked the Trust to notify them if this development site comes on public exhibition. Revised plans have recently been lodged with Hornsby Council during August.  If you wish to object, please do so quickly as the exhibition period closes soon.  Plans for DA1115/2017 can be accessed at http://hscenquiry.hornsby.nsw.gov.au/Pages/XC.Track/SearchApplication.aspx?id=774672. While the revised plans have addressed certain matters raised with the previous plans, the Trust still has concerns with road safety, visitor parking and minimal landscaping at the street frontage. The Trust  submitted an objection last week.
Ahimsa and Marie Byles – last Saturday 15^th September and Sunday 16^th September 2018
The open day at Ahimsa last Saturday and Sunday was a success with close to 100 people attending over the two days.

Julie Peterson              Councillor Robert Browne
Councillor Robert Browne opened the event on Saturday afternoon in the hut of The Happy Omen, The Trust then led an informative walk from Marie Byles’ childhood home, Chilworth in Beecroft, through Cheltenham streets to finish at Ahimsa.

On Sunday afternoon the Trust incorporated our annual Spring Walk through Lane Cove National Park to finish at Ahimsa for afternoon tea and in time for a screening of A Singular Woman; a film on Marie’s life. The Trust wishes to thank Martin Fallding for organising the weekend event. Richard Silink, Deputy CEO of the National Trust.
Changes at Beecroft for the New Bus Movements
With the closure of the Epping to Chatswood line on 30 September expect an increase in bus and probably car movements. The footpath outside the playground in Wongala Ave has been re-concreted and enlarged for the increase in buses. You may have noticed the small camera erected above the Hannah St traffic lights.

We understand it provides live streaming back to Transport Management Centre at Everleigh to allow monitoring of the new pink transit buses. So pedestrians and residents in Beecroft, Cheltenham and Epping need to take extra care.  For example, in Beecroft, pedestrians should expect more buses to be using the loop arrangement where they turn into Hannah Street, then into Wongala Crescent and leave via Copeland Road.

If you want to view new train timetable before 30^th September when the Macquarie Line closes, google plan tripper https://transportnsw.info/  and enter a date after September 30^th. Expect this new timetable to become permanent and remain in place after the Metro opens.  As stated in an earlier eNews, commuters to the City Circle will need to allow extra time in peak hour to walk from the country platform at Central to the City Circle network.
Update from Hornsby C ward Councillor, Emma Heyde
CLICK HERE (https://mailchi.mp/0ff3d123ea43/emma-heyde-september-update?e=7ebe99fec6)

Mayoral Meeting to discuss the Cheltenham Church funds
The Civic Trust, Byles Creek Valley Union and representatives from the Beecroft sporting clubs had a productive meeting with the Mayor Philip Ruddock, various Councillors and Council staff to discuss the future use of the $2.1 million currently held in a special account from the sale of the former Council owned church at Cheltenham.  There was general agreement that the funds could be used on possibly two special projects, namely a synthetic playing surface at Cheltenham Oval and acquisition of land for open space in Byles Creek Valley. The process will take time and if these two projects are adopted, they will be incorporated as part of Council’s Sports ground strategy and the current review of council’s planning controls respectively. The process will involve extensive public consultation.

Sydney Hills District Branch of the Association of Independent Retirees
We are the Sydney Hills District Branch of the Association of Independent  Retirees. Some of our members are independent retirees, some are part pensioners.
We meet in the Beecroft Presbyterian Church Hall, Welham Street, Beecroft  on the first Friday of each month (except January).  The meeting commences at 10.45 a.m.
We have a speaker during the first half of the meeting on matters of interest to retirees, then morning tea and then we raise other matters, closing  about 12.30 p.m.
The Association is an Australia wide organisation.
Visitors are most welcome to come to one of our meetings.
Lauris Rennie

Phone 9634 1186      email lauris.rennie@bigpond.com (mailto:lauris.rennie@bigpond.com)
A Sad Story with a "Happily Ever After Ending" For One of Our Little Owls
There has recently been a concerning issue, whereby it appears there was unapproved clearing of vegetation in the National Park. Sadly, this was around the nesting hollow of our local Byles Creek Valley Powerful Owls where there was a new little chick in the hollow. The experts feel the chick fledged earlier than it should have on the day of the clearing and it was found floundering on low branches, unable to balance and unable to fly and this was the afternoon of the recent terrible storm.

Photo courtesy Michael Bianchino
Local volunteers of the Powerful Owl Project, Sydney Wildlife, Birdlife Australia, Higher Ground Raptors and numerous vets made the difficult decision to put the chick in rehabilitation as it would not have survived if left in the bush. After five days the chick was reunited with its parents who amazingly called to the chick. It then flew to its Mum and then Dad joined them with a possum dinner. An amazingly happy ending from a bad start in life! Thanks to all involved. If you'd like to read more go to Byles Creek Valley Union's Facebook Page Click Here (https://www.facebook.com/BylesCreekValleyUnionInc/?ref=bookmarks)

Media Information from Ryde Police Area Command
10 September CLICK HERE (http://www.bcct2119.com.au/pdf/Ryde%20Media%20Release%2010%20September%20%202018.pdf)
17 September CLICK HERE (http://www.bcct2119.com.au/pdf/Ryde%20Media%20Release%2017%20September%20%202018.pdf)
South Turramurra Environment Protection (STEP)
August to December Program
CLICK HERE. (https://mailchi.mp/64eaeffa9400/step-matters-190-april-1839845?e=5d3e41977d)

Beecroft & District Garden Club

The Garden Club will hold it’s Monthly Meeting for October at the Beecroft Bowling Club, 128 Copeland Road, Beecroft on Friday, 5^th October 2018 commencing at 7.30 pm for an 8 pm start.  Visitors welcome.  Our guest speaker is Norm Webb, award-winning apiarist, who will be presenting a talk on honey bees.
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Kind regards,
Ross Walker

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