28th September 2020.  Edition Two.
In this edition:
President's Message,

Hornsby Council news,
City of Parramatta Council News,
Beecroft Rotary - Young at Heart,
Pedestrian lifts at Beecroft Station,
Cherrybrook Station update,
LANDCOM's response,
Spring Walk,
Newsletter from Julian Leeser MP,
Recent Development Applications,
Latest Police Reports.
Message from the President
In this eNews I draw your attention to the various strategic planning papers currently on exhibition by our two Councils, Hornsby and Parramatta.  Both Councils want you to comment on their draft strategies.  While clearly daunting in magnitude, I do encourage our community to have a say.  These strategic papers are driven by the State Government’s Regional and District Plans and are designed to address our needs for the next generation.  I have provided some explanatory comments below that may assist you.

Ross Walker OAM

Hornsby Council news – Sustainability 2040
For residents of Beecroft and Cheltenham in Hornsby LGA.  To support proposed changes to the LEP, there are five strategies that are currently on exhibition.  They are Sustainability Hornsby 2040 (overarching), Biodiversity Conservation, Urban Forest, Water Sensitive and Climate Wise.  The strategies are very comprehensive and, as expected, are interrelated.  All these strategies will apply to Beecroft and Cheltenham. 
CLICK HERE to reach Council’s ‘Have Your Say’ page and access the individual strategies. 
Closing date is the end of October 2020.
City of Parramatta Council News - Harmonisation
For the residents of Beecroft in Parramatta LGA, the updating of the LEP is aimed to achieve a harmony within the different planning controls inherited by Council from the amalgamation process four years ago.  Proposed changes to the LEP for Beecroft include increased minimum lot sizes for future subdivisions, increase in allowable height of dwellings, reintroduction of floor space ratios (removed by Hornsby Council in 2013) and bushland given a stronger protection.  Like Hornsby’s strategies, there is a focus on sustainability.
Beecroft Rotary - Young at Heart – Thursday 1st October
On Thursday 1st of October Beecroft Rotary will host the ‘Young at Heart Festival’ through virtual and COVID-safe in-person events to recognise the United Nations International Day of Older Persons.  As 20% of Beecroft’s population is over the age of 65, Rotary Beecroft has focused on ‘caring for our elders’ as a key community service theme.  We will be using the festival to increase community awareness about the contribution of our elders, and foster connections between younger and older age groups. 
Program for the day: 
  •        9.30 am – Tree planting at Station Park attended by Living Treasures Award nominees and dignitaries
  •       10 am – musical performances commence in arcade, Beecroft Place and plaza
  •        10 am – photo hunt commences from registration desks in arcade, Beecroft Place and plaza
  •        10 am to 1 pm – special deals for seniors at selected outlets
  •        1 pm – photo hunt concludes
  •        1.15 pm – winners of photo hunt and children’s art announced - arcade
All day – children’s art on display on the theme of encouraging intergenerational engagement. 
Continuing beyond the day – video competition. 
For more details please visit CLICK HERE
Niranjan Deodhar, President, Rotary Club of Beecroft District 9685  Ph: +61 404 012 676
Pedestrian lifts at Beecroft Station
Many of you would have received this newsletter already. 
CLICK HERE to read the latest,
Cherrybrook Station update
Our independently elected C Ward Councillor Vince de Gallego released this eNews last week.  CLICK HERE.  The Landcom survey closed on 27th September, but you can still send an email if you want to voice your views. 
The Trust's policy is that we will publish submitted newsletters from any of our elected representatives
LANDCOM's response to the Hills Showground Project
To read an email the Trust has received from LANDCOM detailing the Hills Showground Project - State Significant Development Application Response to Submissions Lodged  CLICK HERE
Spring Walk on Sunday 13th September 2020
After cancelling our traditional autumn walk, the spring walk was held two weeks ago in glorious weather. 

A smaller sized group attended, no doubt due to Covid 19 precautions.  Starting and finishing at the Cheltenham netball courts.

we inspected the new sandstone steps recently installed by Hornsby Council through the bushland reserve. 

Rod Best, Chair of the Beecroft Cheltenham History Group, provided a detailed talk about how the 1919 Spanish Influenza Pandemic affected local residents.  Hopefully the Trust will be able to resume our traditional autumn walk next year in 2021.
Julian Leeser MP.  Newsletter dated September 5th 2020
The Trust's policy is that we will publish submitted newsletters from any of our elected representatives
Recent Development Applications
The Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust's Web Site now has links to recently submitted Development Applications in the 2119 postcode area.  This page will be updated with every eNews publication.
CLICK HERE To access them.
Latest Police Reports

CLICK HERE  for the latest reports.  Just a reminder that these reports are regularly provided by the Ryde Police Area Command which includes the entire suburbs of Beecroft & Cheltenham.
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Kind regards,
Ross Walker OAM

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