A typical Politician giving an ear to a Lobbyist – who wins? 

Dear Residents and Supporters,
I thought I’d start this newsletter with the above “picture that paints a thousand words”. What do you think is happening here?

Politicians must make decisions for the overall good of their constituents. Sometimes this is not easy as some groups’ needs may differ to that of other groups’ needs. So, how does one decide?

I have been a Councillor for almost four years. Although, most will consider me a politician, I definitely do not consider myself one.  I still think and behave as a concerned resident and will never be a politician.

My first real move as a public campaigner was in the year 2014 when I bumped into a retired, previous Hornsby Shire Mayor at the old Hargreaves Nursery carpark in Dural.
The first thing I was told was – “No one is looking after Cherrybrook - they are rezoning south Dural”.
Later, googling south Dural. I was in awe at the size and magnificence of the area. 590 acres of rural land proposed to be rezoned urban development! – No way!
By 2016, Resident Associations sharing the same values got together in strong solidarity to mount a campaign of ‘awareness’ to what was being proposed in South Dural.
  • 590 acres of rural zoned land!
  • The size of 129 Sydney Cricket Grounds!
  • 2,900 dwellings, including 6 storey high apartment buildings!
  • Minimum lot size 125 sq m!
  • Minimum single dwelling size 225 sq m!
  • 9,000 people / estimated 27,000 car movements per day!
  • No onsite provision for schools!
  • Endangered rare fauna, tree species and ecological communities!
  • NO benefit to the community! 
Volunteers came on board, got to the streets with homemade posters, handed out leaflets day and night, rain or shine, cold or hot… we were out there!

The community engaged and the rest is history! 6,000 letters saying NO to the proposed rezoning were delivered to Hornsby Shire Council.

The proposed rezoning was against the public interest in many aspects that would have impacted on residents' quality of life. The State Government eventually declined the proposal.
Another picture below, painting a thousand words.
This was a great example of some landholders’/ developers’ right to make money vs existing residents’ right to quality of life.

This brings me back to my initial question. How does one decide?

Quite easily, residents’ interests, the right to quality of life, must be at the centre of every decision-making process.

A true independent! No need to play political games, to compromise or to subjugate, but able to work together with Politicians from all persuasions, who stand by existing residents' needs.
Provided residents’ support is strong - the decision-making process is easy!

I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to speak on this, as well as other topics, at the next: 
Cherrybrook Residents Association's Annual General Meeting
Saturday, 27th March 2021, 2:00 to 3:00 pm,
Cherrybrook Uniting Church
134 New Line Road Cherrybrook
Including, the next biggest threat to our quality of life
Proposed development within the Cherrybrook Train Station Precinct!

Will this require another south Dural campaign?

I hope to see you there!

Finally, have you guessed the two complete words forming the phrase?
The One with the    _  _ r_ _ g _ _t        _o i _e

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