11th September 2021.  Edition One.
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President's Message,
BCCT eNews,
Meet the Candidates,
Letters to Hornsby Shire Council,
Hornsby Park,
Byles Creek Valley
HSC's eNews,
The Hoot'

Beecroft Shopping Village,
Julian Leeser's Newsletter,
Emma Heyde's Newsletter,
Recent Development Applications,
Latest Police Reports.
Message from the President
I hope everyone is still coping with the lockdown?  I really miss my sit down and chat coffee breaks. The lockdown seems to go on forever! but with the rise of vaccinations, masks and careful social distancing there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Over the last month the Civic Trust members have been busy keeping up with local news and issues. We remain positive about organising a public face-to-face meeting with Council candidates before the elections in December. We will keep you posted!
At our last Zoom committee meeting we discussed the possible allocation of the church funds. The fund was established some 5 years ago for the purpose of benefiting our heritage community. When the fund was established community opinions and feedback as to its expenditure were listed and noted. It was generally agreed that the outcome(s) would provide a tangible benefit for the whole community rather than provide funding for individual/sporting projects (for example, new turf for cricket pitch, etc.) or government mandated /planned repairs/projects. This discussion is still a work in progress but it is a conversation we need to have in order to move forward. I will keep you informed about the next step in the process.

Just reminding everyone to make sure to comment on the latest online Byles Creek Report;  
Council will appreciate your feedback.  Please mark your submission ‘draft Byles Creek Planning Study’ and email

Best Wishes
Julie Zetler


Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust eNews
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Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust Website
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MEET THE CANDIDATES, Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust Public Meeting. 
The NSW Electoral Commission has postponed the NSW Local Government Elections until the 4th of December 2021.  The Trust has reserved the Beecroft Presbyterian Church Hall Welham Street for a "Meet the Candidates" meeting on Thursday the 25th of November.  We will provide further details and updates in our next eNews.
The Trust has lodged several letters with Hornsby Shire Council
3 Hillcrest Road Pennant Hills NSW - (DA/739/2021)  CLICK HERE
Burns Road North Beecroft - (F2021/00243)  CLICK HERE
5 Wongala Crescent Beecroft - (DA/20/2021)  CLICK HERE
29 Chapman Ave Beecroft - (DA819/2021)  CLICK HERE

19 Wandeen Avenue, Beecroft - (DA/834/2021)  CLICK HERE
19 Wandeen Avenue, Beecroft - (DA/845/2021)  CLICK HERE

Master Plan adopted by Council

Hornsby Council States:
Community involvement is crucial to the success of Hornsby Park. We want to thank you all for participating in the community consultation and for your input during the exhibition of the draft Hornsby Park Master Plan.
We are writing to give you news on the progress of the project. We are a step closer to creating a unique recreation and nature destination in the heart of Hornsby. Following public exhibition, the Hornsby Park Master Plan was adopted by Council at the General Meeting on 14 July 2021.
View the Business Paper and Minutes
View the adopted Hornsby Park Master Plan
For more details on the results of the public consultation, please read the Engagement Outcomes Report.

The next step is to commence the earthworks to stabilise the site, making the area safe while ensuring there is minimal environmental impact. We are also working on the detailed design for the site in preparation for the implementation of the master plan.

For more details, visit the project page.
For enquiries regarding this project, please email
The Byles Creek Valley Planning Study is now on Exhibition
The draft Byles Creek Planning Study is now on exhibition and invites feedback.
The draft Study has been prepared to review the suitability of planning controls for residential properties adjoining open space zoned land within the Byles Creek corridor in protecting and maintaining the environmental qualities of the land.
The Study Area is bounded by Malton Road, Sutherland Road, Azalea Grove, Kurrajong Street, and Lane Cove National Park, and the draft Study makes recommendations for planning changes on residential lands included in this area.
The draft Byles Creek Planning Study and further information can be viewed at
Please mark your submission ‘draft Byles Creek Planning Study’ and email or send to Hornsby Shire Council, PO Box 37, Hornsby NSW 1630. Council invites your feedback on the draft Study by close of business Monday 1 November 2021.
If you have any queries regarding the draft Study, please contact Fintan Langan, Strategic Planner, on 9847 6686 during business hours.
Public Memorials in Beecroft
By Rod Best of The History Group

When people think about public memorials in Beecroft they think of the war memorials. While these are very fine and are now well sited in the gardens created by our Council, there is more to Beecroft than just these.
For almost 100 years, residents of Beecroft have felt it worthwhile to benefit all residents by placing seats and other items around the locality so as to add to people’s enjoyment. The first of these is a seat to James and Catherine Caddy in Malton Road. It was paid for by public subscription and was erected not because this couple were famous but because they had been “a splendid old couple.” The seat takes in one of their favourite views across Byles Creek valley. Another seat that was built for someone, just because they were nice, is Nancy’s seat in Chapman Avenue.
There are other recognitions because people were great philanthropists or because they worked hard or even because they were greatly admired – even if they had no other connection to Beecroft!
One seat commemorates a tragedy – but was specifically designed so that a homeless person would be able to stretch out and sleep on it at night.
Details of these memorials can be found on the Beecroft Cheltenham History Group web site by searching under “Changing Times – Social Life – Memorial Seats.”
A free copy of the History Group's latest book , about James Blackwood in World War I will be given to whoever answers these questions and supplies photographs of the respective memorials by 1 October 2021 to .
The questions are:
  • Which memorial was designed to help the homeless sleep?
  • Which memorial was for a patron of the Arts in our Shire?
  • Identify one memorial to a Bushcare worker.
  • Who was the great Australian singer who unveiled a seat named after her – provided that it was not called a memorial seat in her life time?
The Byles Creek Valley Union Inc. Newsletter
The August edition of "The Hoot" is now available. CLICK HERE to read it.

Hornsby Council's Latest News Bulletin can be viewed CLICK HERE
Beecroft Shopping Village

                                            View from the Rail Station bus stop

Proposed six storey shop top development at 5 Wongala Crescent Beecroft. DA20/2021.
There are amended plans for this proposal.  The most significant change is the widening of the pedestrian walkway through to the Hannah St. Car Park.  The total height remains unchanged.

The last changes submitted by the applicant were on September
2nd   To view all the submitted documents CLICK HERE

The Trust has made a submission to Council about the amended plans.  CLICK HERE
Julian Leeser MP.  Newsletter dated September 3rd
The Trust's policy is that we will publish submitted newsletters from any of our elected representatives
Hornsby Councillor Emma Heyde's Newsletter dated July 8th
The Trust's policy is that we will publish submitted newsletters from any of our elected representatives
Recent Development Applications
The Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust's website now has links to recently submitted Development Applications in the 2119 postcode area for both Hornsby and Parramatta Shire Councils.  This page will be updated with every eNews publication.
CLICK HERE To access them.
Latest Police Reports

CLICK HERE  for the latest reports.  Just a reminder that these reports are regularly provided by the Ryde Police Area Command which includes the entire suburbs of Beecroft & Cheltenham. 
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Kind regards,
Julie Zetler

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