12th November 2022.  Edition One.
In this edition:
President's Report,

BCCT eNews,
BCCT Spring Walk,
Blue Heritage Plaque in Beecroft,
BCCT Survey,
Native Plant Giveaway,
Trust Correspondence with Local Government,
Advice on DA objections,
Beecroft Rotary Club Living Treasures,
Beecroft Rotary Young at Heart,
Beecroft Rotary Club Gin.
Hornsby Council Newsletter,

City of Parramatta News Bulletin,
Julian Leeser MP Newsletter,
Recent Development Applications,
Latest Police Reports.
Message from the President
There has been a lot of recent action by the Civic Trust and so I will just provide an overview of some of the matters that we addressed during October.
As reported last month, we combined with Pennant Hills Civic Trust and Westleigh Progress Association to hold a public meeting on 13 October at which officers of Council addressed the residents present on the proposals to seek approval for a new special Council rate to be set. We did this to provide residents with an opportunity to hear for themselves why Council considers that an additional rate is required and then for residents to ask questions.
Again, as reported last time, there has been a change in the Presidency of the Epping Civic Trust and so we have written to them to discuss our proposals for joint action on improving walking access between North Epping and Cheltenham; the state of repair of the Devlins Creek ford and improved pedestrian access from south Beecroft to Epping railway station. I hope that the new Epping Civic Trust will join with us on these projects.
There was a great afternoon hosted by Rotary to give awards for primary school aged poetry and art and to recognise some of our young at heart living treasures. Accessible in this eNews you will find some of the prize winning poems and the citations for the living treasures. Each makes a great read and each is truly inspirational in its unique way.
Following advice from our State Member’s office that representations to the Minister for Transport had failed to attain agreement to even measure the level of noise currently generated by the M2, the Civic Trust will seek the support of local residents to advocate for the identification and remediation of this noise – this being what a majority of the readers of this e-news consider to be a matter of importance for our district. Further information about this is being disseminated.
Our spring walk was again a success and encouraged us to better appreciate important heritage like ‘Ahimsa’ in Day Road Cheltenham. Numbers were small in comparison with pre-Covid times but neither this, nor greedy kookaburras at afternoon tea time, lessened the pleasure of the day.
At the main pedestrian gate from Beecroft Road into Arden you might have noticed that a blue Heritage Plaque has now been unveiled by our local State Member, the Premier. This plaque concerns the work of Dr Mark Lidwill who built the house ‘Lorne’ (now Cook House) which can be seen behind the gate; conducted his medical practice from this place and in his on-site surgery did the preliminary work to build the world’s first cardiac pacemaker to be successfully used on a human being. We are indeed fortunate to be one of the first communities to receive these new heritage plaques.
In all that the Civic Trust does, it is critical that readers support the work of your Civic Trust by not just reading this e-news (as important as that might be) but also by becoming a member and paying a very modest subscription. It is this money that allows the volunteers of the Civic Trust to fund the advocacy which it conducts on your behalf. Payment of subscriptions is easily and painlessly done through the Civic Trust’s web site.
Roderick Best PSM
Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust eNews.
The Trust publishes this monthly eNews newsletter.  If you would like to receive this newsletter on a regular basis, please CLICK HERE to subscribe to the eNews.
Civic Trust Spring Walk on Sunday October 16th
The Trust held its traditional Spring Walk on Sunday 16th October 2022. The walk commenced from the end of Day Rd Cheltenham, through the Lane Cove National Park following Devlins Creek, then under the M2 and the train line, returning via Sutherland and Cobram Roads, back to Day Road.
The Beecroft Cheltenham History Group provided short talks on a aspects of our local history.  We concluded at the state heritage listed property of Marie Byles, Ahimsa,
Blue Heritage Plaque in Beecroft.
As you will be aware Beecroft was one of 17 locations across the State, honoured with a Blue Heritage Plaque. These plaques identify items of Australian heritage in a manner similar to the heritage plaques in England.
The Beecroft plaque honours Dr Mark Lidwill and is placed on the gates to his former home, Lorne, on Beecroft Road. Lorne is now Cook House within Arden Anglican School. This is particularly auspicious as Arden celebrates its centenary this year.
Dr Lidwill is credited with inventing (amongst other things) the cardiac pacemaker. His early work on this device took place in his home surgery within Lorne. Locally, he was also a general practitioner, one of the founders of the Pennant Hills Golf Club and was active in the Beecroft School of Arts. His biography can be found on the website www.bchg.org.au and search under People-individuals-Lidwill.

Dr. Mark Lidwill's Grandson,  BCCT President Rod Best,  NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, Dr. Lidwill's Great Grandson
Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust Survey.
Council is proposing to draw up a management plan for the Village Green.
Do you consider that this management plan should concentrate upon improving the amenity of this space in the same way as the enhancements to the Railway Reserve significantly increased the number of residents using that space?
CLICK HERE to vote NO.
Survey Results from the last Civic Trust Survey
M2 Road Noise.
    12% of our readers responded to the survey
    51% of the respondents voted the M2 noise was of major concern.
    16% voted the M2 noise was of some concern.
    13% voted the M2 noise was of minor concern.
    20% voted the M2 noise was of no concern.
Native Plant Giveaways.
This Saturday Hornsby Shire Council is giving away native plants.
Each residential property in Hornsby Shire is entitled to four free native plants per year.
CLICK HERE for details.
Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust.
The Trust has for many years fought and lobbied to protect our suburbs.
If you value your Trust and appreciate the work the Trust does to preserve the amenity and heritage of our two suburbs, please consider renewing your financial membership.
This can be done on-line at https://bcct2119.com.au/membership.htm  Without your valued support, the Trust will cease to exist.
Some General Advice on Objecting to Development Applications whether in Parramatta or Hornsby Councils.
Development applications (DA) can be for various types of development, ranging from minor extensions and alterations to major redevelopment of a shopping centre. If you have concerns about the proposed development you can contact the Civic Trust for advice at secretary@bcct2119.com.au . You can also contact the planning officer at the local council to discuss your concern. You may also talk to your neighbours about your concerns. If you decide to lodge a submission to the local council it is best to do so prior to the closing date in order to provide the planning staff sufficient time to assess your submission.
Council is obliged to consider all objections, even those submitted after the closing date. You may wish to continue to discuss your concerns with council staff after the closing date. 
Councillors are not allowed to interfere in the process, including lobbying etc.
Minor development applications are often assessed under delegated authority by the council planning staff.
Larger or more significant developments are often referred to council’s local planning panel or regional planning panel. These panels consist of state appointed  and community appointed representatives. The panels meet in public and objectors will have the opportunity to speak to the panel, who will make the determination..  
Many councils have a policy that if 10 or more independent objections are received then the DA must be considered by the independent planning panel and not council staff.
Citations for Beecroft Rotary Club Living Treasures 2022.
A full list of the nominees for the Rotary Club citation can be viewed CLICK HERE
Young at Heart Beecroft Rotary Club Winning Poetry and Art Entries
Entries can be viewed CLICK HERE
Beecroft Rotary Club Gin
Beecroft Rotary has included the Civic Trust in the creation of a gin which they have especially created for our local district. It will be launched on 28 November.

Beecroft Rotary invites you to attend a FREE event to celebrate the launch of Beecroft Spirit, a unique gin reflecting the flora and community of Beecroft!
When: 6-9pm Monday 28 November
Venue: Hannah's, Beecroft
Register: Click here to register for free (tickets limited
Try your free sample of Beecroft Spirit, featuring strawberry gum, lemon myrtle and rosella for a fresh zing followed by a floral finish.
Hannah's will also provide complimentary grazing plates on the night so you can enjoy their delicious food range.
A percentage of the proceeds from each bottle will support the Rotary Club of Beecroft to deliver local projects in our community.
18+ only. Venue capacity is strictly limited so secure your tickets today. Beecroft Spirit will retail for $89 incl GST and is distilled by Craft Foundry on Lord Howe Island, NSW.
Contact Daniel Dummer, Youth Director at the Rotary Club of Beecroft, on 0448 423 591 if you have any questions.
Local Justice of the Peace
Timothy Abrams a Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust committee member, has generously offered his services as a Justice of the Peace for any residents requiring this service.
Tim can be contacted on Mob 0417 662 405

Hornsby Shire Council's November News Bulletin
Can be viewed CLICK HERE

City of Parramatta's November News Bulletin
Can be viewed CLICK HERE
Julian Leeser MP.  Newsletter dated October 2022
The Trust's policy is that we will publish submitted newsletters from any of our elected representatives. 
Recent Development Applications
The Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust's Web Site now has links to recently submitted Development Applications in the 2119 postcode area for both Hornsby and Parramatta Shire Councils.  This page will be updated with every eNews publication.
CLICK HERE To access them.
Latest Police Reports

CLICK HERE  for the latest reports.  Just a reminder that these reports are regularly provided by the Ryde Police Area Command which includes the entire suburbs of Beecroft & Cheltenham. 
Annual Memberships for 2022 became due in March...
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The eNews archives are available HERE.  To subscribe to the eNews: CLICK HERE.The Trust has always sought to assist any resident regardless of their membership status.
Kind regards,
Rod Best

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