17th October 2023.  Edition One.
In this edition:
President's Report,
BCCT eNews,
Correspondence about M2 Noise,
Beecroft Place Car Park,
HSC Repair Cafe,
Ray Park Heritage Group,
Beecroft Lawn Tennis
STEP Newsletter,
Your Civic Trust,
Local JP,
Hornsby Council News Bulletin,
City of Parramatta News Bulletin,
Recent Development Applications,
Message from the President
The big event across our suburbs since my last eNews must be the Referendum.  As per the Australian Electoral Commission data on 16 October, NSW voted 40.4% Yes. The vote at Beecroft Public School was 56.22% Yes and at Cheltenham Girls High School was 60.77% Yes. According to articles in the Sydney Morning Herald, the vote was best explained on socio-economic grounds and the high vote in Beecroft and Cheltenham seems consistent with this view. There was a third polling place at the scout/guide hall in The Crescent. Very few people voted there and I cannot recall this previously being used as a polling place, it might be a good idea to advertise it earlier.
The Beecroft Cheltenham History Group was present at all the polling places in 2119 selling its latest publication, (a new edition of its popular Walks Book) and sold 40 copies on the day. If you couldn’t buy one because you weren’t carrying cash, or for any other reason, then copies are still available at the newsagencies at Carlingford North and  Beecroft Market Place.

Over the last few editions of our eNews, I have been reporting that the Civic Trust letters on two issues, namely, M2 Noise and private certifiers' potential conflicts of interest have remain unacknowledged and unanswered.  The Trust committee decided to approach our State member to see if he could achieve a result. We also approached Alan Mascarenhas who was the Labor candidate in the State seat of Epping during the last State election. Alan came up trumps and received a response on the Government’s position on M2 Noise – as I said, this was the more important issue of the two from the perspective of the Civic Trust. Thanks Alan. A copy of the response is elsewhere in this eNews. It makes interesting reading and clearly shows that no one from TNSW or Hills Motorway has actually stood outside or indeed, inside one of the homes along Austral Avenue or the neighbouring streets, let alone walked through the Chilworth reserve. The Civic Trust committee will discuss this response at its next meeting.

We are continuing to make representations about shoppers not being able to park in Beecroft Place carpark and hence taking their business elsewhere. We have been assured that the management of Beecroft Place is fully aware of the difficulties and is seeking to rectify the problem.  The understanding of our Council appears elsewhere in this e-news.
The history of the Civic Trust has come back to haunt us because we have been offered (and accepted) an old notice Board of the Civic Trust.
Does anyone remember this, and more particularly, where it was located as the Civic Trust has never owned its own premises.
On the subject of history, I had the privilege of addressing a meeting of the PROBUS Club in the Cheltenham Recreation Club. I was exhausted just listening to all of the activities they provided! They had me talking on the Underbelly of Beecroft and Cheltenham and I hope they were amused at everything from mystery grog stills to opium drug busts and the Great Train Robbery connection with Castle Howard Road.

On Saturday we voted on the Referendum and the History Group had an opportunity to have a stall at the polling places of Beecroft Public School and Cheltenham Girls High School to sell the History Group's latest book – on heritage walks in Beecroft and Cheltenham. It is a great buy for only $25.00 and the family involved with the opium drug bust rates a mention. (See notes at the end of the Copeland Road East Walk)
Talking of the Referendum, two of the leaders of the 1967 Referendum, Bill Onus and Margaret Tucker, had previously lived in Beecroft and Cheltenham. If you want to read more about this connection, go to the district's history of Aboriginal people which appears on the History Group web site. CLICK HERE and HERE.
Did you know that under the NSW Housing Code, air conditioning units cannot be installed along the sides of a house in a Heritage Conservation Area (which covers most of postcode 2119).  The air conditioning unit must face into the backyard.
Louise and I have friends in another suburb who have been directed by Council to relocate their air conditioning unit.
Finally Rotary's forthcoming Young at Heart celebration will again be a wonderful celebration of older Australians who have contributed, and continue to contribute so much to our local community. It is a heart warming time of local encouragement. Also take time to look at all of the colouring in efforts of the not so old displayed in the front window of the store formerly known as Sparks. 
Pictures of some of the Living Treasures appears in one of the display windows at Beecroft Market Place. Information about this event appears elsewhere in this e-news.
Finally it is with much sadness that I note the death of Jenny Lewis. She was a magnificent bush carer who lived and worked with us. She had a wealth of botanical knowledge which she freely and generously shared with others. She was also instrumental in establishing three of our local Bushcare groups and worked with the late John Noble on Observatory Park.
I hope many of you are enjoying the lovely gardens in our suburbs at this time of year and are taking time to learn the name of at least one of the native flowers that are out at present.

Roderick Best PSM
Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust eNews
The Trust publishes this monthly eNews newsletter.  If you would like to receive this newsletter on a regular basis, please CLICK HERE to subscribe to the eNews.
Alan Mascarenhas has forwarded to the Trust, a response from Minister Graham's Office, on the ongoing M2 noise
CLICK HERE. The Civic Trust will continue to seek answers on this important issue.
Update on the Beecroft Place underground parking arrangements
Last month the Trust’s contacted Hornsby Council and managing agents Knight Frank to address the damaged boom gates in the underground carpark. Last week our C Ward Councillor Verity Greenwood met with the Trust, with advice from Council staff that the boom gates will be operational again by the beginning of November.  Good news and thank you Cr Verity Greenwood.  Hornsby Council will continue to follow up with the Centre management on the progress of the works.

Repair Café - Electronics/Furniture
Saturday 28 October 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
Location: Storey Park Community Centre (Jonas Fear Hall), Storey Park, 12 Old Berowra Road, Hornsby
Event cost: Free. Bookings essential.
Introducing Repair Cafés - an opportunity to fix broken things rather than throw them out! It will be split into 2 workshops, one for fixing electronic items and the other for furniture.
Electronics Workshop
  • Got a dodgy electrical item? Don't throw it out! Save money and avoid wasting valuable resources through attending this Electrical Items Repair Café.
  • You will receive advice and assistance from The Bower's skilled repairers to bring your broken item back to life.
Furniture Workshop
  • Bring along a small, damaged piece of furniture such as a chair or stool and our experts will advise you how to repair it. This is a free service and not a guaranteed repair.
  • The Bower is an award-winning environmental charity and a champion of reuse and repair. They are a not-for-profit committed to reducing landfill.
  • No experience necessary.
 Bushcare Bird Survey
When: Saturday 28 October from 8 am.
Come along to our annual Bushcare Bird Survey. Our two survey sites are the end of Malton Road, Cheltenham and Rosemead Road Picnic Area, Hornsby.
Join a local bird expert who loves the birdlife in the Bushland Shire. We encourage you to get in touch with your inner bird nerd! You will learn tips and tricks on how to identify local birds and receive useful resources to help you on your bird journey.
Bookings for Malton Road, Cheltenham:
Bookings for Rosemead Road Picnic Area, Hornsby:
Beecroft Cheltenham Liveability Survey
A recent survey across Australia about what makes a place liveable, put being close to the bush as the leading factor. Do you agree that this is relevant to the enjoyment of living here in Beecroft and Cheltenham?
CLICK HERE to vote YES                CLICK HERE to vote NO
Ray Park Heritage Group Event.  Sunday November 5
Invitation to attend a talk by Associate Professor Carol Liston "Refreshing our Past"

Beecroft Tennis Open Day
Sunday 10 September, 11am to 3pm
Celebrating 125 years of tennis at Beecroft
Unleash your tennis talent, all welcome
Activities: Social tennis
  • Try real grass courts
  • Free coaching 11am - 1pm
  • Exhibition doubles match 2pm
  • Kids' activities, face painting
Lunch: BBQ, sliders, kebabs, hot dogs
Entry: Free to all comers
Venue: Beecroft Lawn Tennis Club
           Cnr Beecroft Rd & The Crescent, Beecroft
For more information visit:

The October STEP walks and Talks can be viewed CLICK HERE.
Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust
If you value your Trust and appreciate the work the Trust does to preserve the amenity and heritage of our two suburbs, please consider renewing your financial membership.
This can be done on-line at  Without your valued support, the Trust will cease to exist.
The Trust has for many years fought and lobbied to protect our suburbs.
Local Justice of the Peace
Timothy Abrams, a Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust committee member, has generously offered his services as a Justice of the Peace for any residents requiring this service.
Tim can be contacted on Mob 0417 662 405

Dr. Penelope Crossley has also generously offered her services.  Penelope is a practising solicitor and is happy to witness documents pro bono for 2119 residents if Tim is unavailable. Penelope can be contacted on 0449 232 474.

Hornsby Shire Council's "Have Your Say"
Can be viewed CLICK HERE

Beecroft-Cheltenham Bushland Wayfinding Signage
Can be viewed CLICK HERE

Hornsby Shire Council's October News Bulletin
Can be viewed CLICK HERE

Hornsby Shire Council's Survey on "Draft Arts and Cultural Plan"
Can be viewed CLICK HERE

City of Parramatta's October News Bulletin
Can be viewed CLICK HERE
Recent Development Applications
The Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust's Web Site now has links to recently submitted Development Applications in the 2119 postcode area for both Hornsby and Parramatta Shire Councils.  This page will be updated with every eNews publication.
CLICK HERE To access them.

Other objections and correspondence with council can be viewed CLICK HERE
Local Police Reports

Unfortunately there has been a problem and we have not received any reports for some weeks.
We will of course publish them again when next we receive them.

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The eNews archives are available HERE.  To subscribe to the eNews: CLICK HERE.The Trust has always sought to assist any resident regardless of their membership status.
Kind regards,
Rod Best

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