9th October 2021.  Edition One.
In this edition:
President's Message,
BCCT eNews,
Meet the Candidates,
Letters to Hornsby Shire Council,
Member for Epping elected Premier,
Meet the Candidates,
The Trust's letters to Hornsby Shire Council,
Upcoming Work at Beecroft Station,
Damage to bushland around Beecroft and Cheltenham,
Exhibition of Draft Byles Creek Planning Study,
Hornsby Council's From the Mayor's desk newsletter,

Hornsby Council's Community Strategic Plan Review 2021,
City of Parramatta's ePULSE,
Beecroft Shopping Village,
Julian Leeser's Newsletters,
Emma Heyde's Newsletter,
Recent Development Applications,
Latest Police Reports.

Message from the President
Hopefully, the date given by the State Government as the start of returning to ‘normal’ social and commercial contact is welcomed by the community. We will have to wait and see what happens in the next few months.  But fingers crossed as this is good news as we approach Christmas and other important family celebration days. Despite best efforts this mode of communication by Council has made it hard for residents to follow and respond to everyday decisions.  Nevertheless, important community progress (degradation?) in our area continues, for example, the proposed commercial/residential development at Beecroft, continuing loss of trees and vegetation, and significant ‘vandalism’ of bushland by mountain bike riders.
Meeting with potential Council representatives deserves our immediate and undivided attention if we wish to make a difference to community outcomes. It is with this in mind that our planned face-to-face ‘Meet the Council Candidates’ Public Meeting scheduled for the 25th November takes place so that the community has the opportunity to come together and ‘voice’ their concerns.

Best Wishes
Julie Zetler


Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust eNews.
The Trust publishes this monthly eNews newsletter.  If you would like to receive this newsletter on a regular basis, please CLICK HERE to subscribe to the eNews.
Member for Epping elected Premier of NSW on Tuesday 5th October 2021
The Trust congratulates the Member for Epping Dominic Perrottet on being elected by his fellow members of Parliament, as Premier of NSW.
Dominic Perrottet is our first locally elected representative to State Parliament to become Premier. Two former State members went on to become Premier – but not when they were representing Beecroft and Cheltenham. These were:
  •  Henry Parkes who was the representative for North Riding, Cumberland in 1858 (which was before the formation of the village) and who first became Premier in 1872, and
  • Barry O’Farrell who was the representative for Northcott, which included Beecroft and Cheltenham from 1995 to 1999 and he became Premier in 2011.
 Tables of all elected representatives can be found on the Beecroft Cheltenham History Group's web site CLICK HERE
Meet the Candidates, Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust Public Meeting. 
It looks very much like we will be able to host this meeting.The NSW Local Government Elections will take place on the 4th of December 2021.  The Trust has reserved the Beecroft Presbyterian Church Hall Welham Street for a "Meet the Candidates" meeting on Thursday the 25th of November.  We will provide further details and updates in our next eNews.
The Trust has lodged several letters with Hornsby Shire Council
DA/20/2021 - 5 Wongala Crescent, Sept 17 2021  CLICK HERE
DA/20/2021 - 5 Wongala Crescent Sept 23 2021 CLICK HERE
Draft Byles Creek Planning Study Sept 2021 CLICK HERE
Upcoming Work at Beecroft Station
We have been advised about upcoming work on the Beecroft Station Upgrade that is part of the Transport Access Program.
CLICK HERE for the October project update document.
Another fine example of the community spirit for which Beecroft and Cheltenham is famous.
             This Spoonville was spotted in Lane Cove National Park near Whale Rock.
Damage to bushland around Beecroft and Cheltenham
Over the past two years during the Covid lock down there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people exercising in our bushland. We are fortunate to have such extensive areas of high quality bushland supporting such a diversity of wildlife. But there has always been a small percentage of people who damage the bushland. The degree of damage has increased significantly over the past six months caused by bike riders creating new unauthorised tracks. Only last week an extensive network of tracks have been created on State Heritage listed land, owned by the National Trust, at Cheltenham. Trees have been cut down, tonnes of soil disturbed and all on privately owned land.  
The Trust supports bike riding, but only where it is allowed.  Hornsby Council recognises the need for the public to get outdoors and exercise and has developed many bike riding facilities including two extensive facilities in Hornsby and Westleigh . CLICK HERE for details.

With respect to national parks, like Lane Cove and Berowra, bike riding is only permitted on established fire trails.  There are signs posted throughout the bushland explaining what is permitted and what is not.  There is no excuse. This vandalism and degradation of our bushland must stop. If you witness any such activity please contact Hornsby Council on (02) 9847 6666 or National Parks on (02) 8448 0400
Bike riders are creating new tracks in undisturbed bushland where even riding on or through is not allowed and perpetrators can be subjected to significant fines. 
Exhibition of Draft Byles Creek Planning Study -
Exhibition Finish Date: Monday 1 November 2021.
Residents are reminded that the Byles Ck Planning Study is still on exhibition till the end of this month. The Trust supports the recommendations of the study and our submission can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.
As a background, Council has prepared the draft Byles Creek Planning Study to review the suitability of the current planning controls for residential lands in protecting the environmental qualities of the Byles Creek corridor area. The draft Study identifies opportunities for changes to planning controls to minimise the impact of development on the corridor.
Council invites your comments on the Byles Creek Planning Study by close of business Monday 1 November 2021. Please mark your submission "Draft Byles Creek Planning Study" and email directly to Council at
CLICK HERE to access the Planning Study
Alternatively, submissions can also be sent via post and addressed to: The General Manager, Hornsby Shire Council, PO Box 37, HORNSBY NSW 1630

Hornsby Council's Latest News Bulletin From the Mayor's Desk can be viewed:

Community Strategic Plan Review 2021
This is Council's 10-year vision. Every project Council undertakes is guided by this plan. It's the community's chance to tell Council what this area should be like in 2032. So it's worth people having a say! 
Find the survey CLICK HERE.

City of Parramatta's Latest News Bulletin
ePULSE can be viewed CLICK HERE
Beecroft Shopping Village

                                            View from the Rail Station bus stop

Update on the proposed redevelopment of the shops (DA20/2021),
known as 5 Wongala Crescent Beecroft

The Trust has now sent two formal submissions to Hornsby Council outlining the Trust’s concerns.
CLICK HERE for the Trust’s submissions. The Trust is also assisting some of the stakeholders in improving the design of the retail component of the proposed development. Retail design is a specialised field and the applicant has not given the retail space much thought. For the Beecroft shopping precinct to thrive and service the local community, the retail space must work for shoppers and retailers.
The Trust is seeking a wider, more light-filled residential/retail lobby. Also an internal public ‘arcade’ linking the underground carpark lifts through to the proposed future open air plaza facing Hannah St. There are also concerns regarding driveway width, need for public toilets, more windows and door ways to shops.
Beecroft Place, where Woolworths is located, is not perfect and the community does not want the same poor design decisions repeated at 5 Wongala Crescent. 
Julian Leeser MP.  Newsletter dated September 17th
The Trust's policy is that we will publish submitted newsletters from any of our elected representatives
Julian Leeser MP.  Newsletter dated October 6th
The Trust's policy is that we will publish submitted newsletters from any of our elected representatives
Hornsby Councillor Emma Heyde's Newsletter dated October 8th
The Trust's policy is that we will publish submitted newsletters from any of our elected representatives
Recent Development Applications
The Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust's Web Site now has links to recently submitted Development Applications in the 2119 postcode area for both Hornsby and Parramatta Shire Councils.  This page will be updated with every eNews publication.
CLICK HERE To access them.
Latest Police Reports

CLICK HERE  for the latest reports.  Just a reminder that these reports are regularly provided by the Ryde Police Area Command which includes the entire suburbs of Beecroft & Cheltenham. 
Annual Memberships for 2021 became due in March...
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The eNews archives are available HERE.  To subscribe to the eNews: CLICK HERE.The Trust has always had an unwritten policy to assist any resident regardless of their membership status.
Kind regards,
Julie Zetler

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